The band plays a distinctive Canadiana and, in the best tradition of Canadian folk music, covers a lot of ground, from fiery punked up folk to roots music and everything in between. In this they follow in the well-established tradition of pioneers like Gordon Lightfoot, Bruce Cockburn, and Spirit of the West.” - Matthew Barlow

About Us

Bent Roads Tavern (BRT) is a Canadian Indie Folk collective based in Calgary, Alberta. BRT originated in Vancouver in 2001 as a seven-piece jam band known for their improvisational chops and their unique arrangements of popular rock music of the day.

After a more than twelve-year hiatus, the collective has published its full back catalogue in its five-volume origin story, "The Legend of Bent Roads Tavern" and is working on rearranging a number of their cult-classics and modern indie folk tunes in a fresh full-length studio album set to release in 2021. 

A&R Factory describes it best, "if you could imagine how Lou Barlow's (Dinosaur Jr.) vocals would resonate over a mesmerizing contemporary folk melody, you'll get an idea of the stinging evocative potency which will permeate..." 

Obscure Sound describes BRT as an "enjoyably snarling vocal presence and prancing acoustical/key-laden shimming (which) combine for an intriguing aesthetic."

"This talented act is all about channeling the authenticity of the greatest folk music, which a penchant for authentic storytelling and relatable melodies," asserts Artist Rack. "The group is all about orchestrating lavish arrangement, taking their music to a more personal, expansive and exciting direction."

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The Legend of Bent Roads Tavern

Released November 6, 2020

"Every university campus worth its salt has long-fabled legends of yore and, for the alum of University of British Columbia that indisputable status goes to Bent Roads Tavern.

This year, the storied Canadian collective mined their previously unreleased archives to remaster, reimagine and reissue their previous works. The result is The Legend of Bent Roads Tavern, Volumes 1 - 5." - Cashbox Magazine Canada


"With the release of The Legend of Bent Roads Tavern...the unapologetic clash of indie folk-modern jazz with flashes of protest punk that is BRT catches new listeners up on the history of one of the elusive corners of the Canadian music cultural landscape Fans of Mumford & Sons, Dan Mangan, Tim Baker, Florence and the Machine, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Elliott Brood, The Dave Matthews Band, Bob Dylan and Neil Young may appreciate what BRT is all about as they hit hard on their Hard legendary story and prepare to write new chapters of its enduring legacy." - Record World Magazine

Now available on all digital streaming platforms.

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