Bent Roads Tavern (BRT) is a Canadian Indie Folk collective based in Calgary, Alberta.

We started as a folk-roots jam band in the early 2000s. The 1938 film, “The Adventures of Robin Hood” inspired our name.  The usurped King of England returns from overseas and takes shelter at “Kent Road Tavern”. There, he learns of Robin Hood’s support of his return to the throne. 

The Olde English writing on the sign looks (to us) like “Bent Roads Tavern”. We like the connection of Robin Hood with social justice and equality. We think of our music as the atmosphere in a refuge on a mountain pass – safe and warm from the howling winds along life’s endlessly bending road.

Drawing inspiration from Robin Hood’s theme of fairness and equality, our music offers a bold commentary on modern life.

A&R Factory says, "if you could imagine how Lou Barlow's (Dinosaur Jr.) vocals would resonate over a mesmerizing contemporary folk melody, you'll get an idea of the stinging evocative potency which will permeate when you hit play,”

Recording technology has changed a lot over the 18 years since we started recording. We wanted to re-record our songs for you using the latest in sound quality. Check out our re-released music "The Legend of Bent Roads Tavern.” We’re recording new music now and look forward to sharing it with you in 2021.

We believe the cornerstone of Bent Roads Tavern is an enduring togetherness amongst our fans and minstrels. The music fosters sharing stories around the metaphorical fire.

Step into the Tavern day or night, rain, snow, or shine.   

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